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Go buoyancy compensator

Go buoyancy compensator

CHF589.00 Regular Price
CHF284.00Sale Price

Traveler divers more accustomed to the comfort of adjustable BCDs will no doubt appreciate the new version of the already popular GO BCD.

Lightweight and compact, it still offers the same performance and practical features you might expect from a standard full body vest.

Its draining Airnet backpack is ultra-comfortable, with a thin wetsuit or even without.

The buoyancy of the GO is almost zero and minimizes the use of ballast. Its bladder offers significant thrust and its two straps perfectly hold the bottle for optimal stability.

The entire vest can be folded up and stored in a dedicated travel bag.

All you have to do is organize your next trip to the end of the world with ready, set, GO!


    There are no exchange refunds other than required by law.

    We are not a store and do not do this for profit.

    Our only goal is to keep Aquarium equipment in good condition.

    This must be a win win operation


    The material must be tested on site. 

    We order the new vest and you leave with your used gilet .

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