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Traveling is sharing 

“Come and discover the seabed in a friendly atmosphere. Feel safe exploring these wonders. For all this and much more, let's share together."

Fred Grandchamp

A Premium and personalized Service

Here are some reasons that will decide you to go with us, as more than  280 people have already done:

  • The stay is organized by us and all our efforts are focused on the quality of your stay and your satisfaction! 

  • We negotiate for you the best prices for quality equipment rentals with our partner Maui Diving.

  • The itinerary of the boat and the negotiations of our local guides allow us to guarantee you to spend more time at sea and therefore to make more dives!

  • Finally, take advantage of   20 years of diving experience, knowledge of the destinations offered and quality supervision to ensure you have a magnificent cruise!

    The great loyalty of divers (more than 620 departures) on our cruises is the best recognition and guarantee of the quality of the product offered and the excellent atmosphere that we offer...


So no more hesitation, regulator in your mouth and let's descend TOGETHER into this wonderful aquatic world...
Frédéric Grandchamp
+4179 469 55 29

Chemin du Devin 2     
1092 Belmont/Lausanne
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