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Sharing is a wonderful reason to go as a group.

Camille W.

"Leaving with you is simple! Great organization and friendly contact. Not like going with an agency but with a group of friends. That's super nice 😀 and you know your job really well! And for the novice that I am in diving, I had no fear! Voilà 😀"

Tania P.

"I decided to go on a trip with you, first on a whim, thinking why not... As I noticed that you are well organized, that you are making us great offers (both in terms of price and services) and that what you promised us is there. I will leave with you with my eyes closed, knowing that we can count on you and that you will always be there to advise us on what type of cruise suits us best 😊"


"So here's why I'm diving with you:

I go diving with Fred because he is a very humble and very nice person, always in a good mood and ready to help you if you have the slightest problem. Fred is attentive and concerned about your well-being on the boat. But above all and most importantly, I'm going diving with Fred, because I feel completely confident when I'm underwater with him! Thank you Fred, for all these magical moments."



"Why are we going with you?! Because your choices of destination and supervision are always optimal, that you remain attentive to the specific needs of each one and that we quickly feel your seriousness and your experience who reassures us... and all this with good humor 🤗"


Caroline G.

All my trips have been wonderful. I felt like home and safe. Fred and his team are always in a good mood, responsible, available and attentive.   I felt confident immediately.   I haven't found this climate anywhere else on my other trips. Thank you and gratitude to you Fred and your team for your support and your work. Without you it wouldn't be so great.

Renata and Alex

"Fred, because traveling with you is simply magical! Your big heart and your generosity make us know that a trip with you will be well organized, we will be safe and we benefit from exceptional support on the dives ."

Anne H. 

"I have made many trips with Fred and I have always appreciated his seriousness and his precision in the organization and preparation of trips. On site, Fred is always ready to help and find solutions as soon as a problem arises. Thank you Fred for your seriousness and your helpfulness.  I have also always admired his teaching talent."

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