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North Sinai Tour

Sinai safaris operate from Sharm-el-Sheikh. Duration of transfer from the airport approx. 30 mins. The regions visited go north to the reefs of Strait of Tiran descending on Ras Mohammad, Sha´b Ali with the Thistlegorm wreck and Shaab Abu Nuhas with the wrecks (Giannis D., Carnatik, Chrisola K.). This is a very diverse tour with top notch dive sites and beautiful wrecks.


Northern Circuit Hurghada

The hurghada north circuit operates from Hurghada. Duration of the transfer from the airport approx. 30 mins. Dives are done on Shaab Abu Nuhas (Canatik, Giannis D. and Chrisol K.), Thistlegorm, Duraven on Shaab Mahmoud and others. The highlights of this tour are of course the wrecks, but we also dive at other famous sites such as Ras Mohammed at the southern tip of Sinai.


Marine Park North/Brothers Island Circuit

The Marine Park North circuit operates from Sharm, Hurghada or Marsa Galeb. Transfer time from the airport approx. 30min. The destination of the dive safaris are the Brothers Islands, two islets approx. 60 km off El Quseir. During a one week stay, you can do 4 days of diving on the Brothers and 1 day for the return between Safaga and Hourghada/Marsa Galeb. The dive sites are the highlights of the Red Sea and the whole world.


Marine Park South Circuit

Marine Park South Tour operates from Hurghad or Marsa Alam Transfer Duration: Approx. 30 mins. The Marine Park consists of the islands and reefs of Daedalus, Zabargad and Rocky Island, they are under nature protection and are near the border of Sudan. the dive sites are approx. 60 and 100 km offshore. Zabargad and Rocky Island are near the Sudanese border. The dive sites are among the best in the world.


St. Johns Circuit

The St. Johns route operates from Marsa Galeb, Marsa Alam or Hamata. 

You get there by plane to Marsa Alam, the transfer is 20min / 1-2-hours. We usually visit the sites located south of Marsa Alam such as Shaab Sharm, Abu Galawa, Dolphin Reef and of course St. Johns near the Sudanese border.


Sudan Tour, Departing From Marsa Alam

The M/Y Royal Evolution is the only ship that operates the Sudan cruise departing from Marsa Alam. The boat leaves from Port Ghaleb located 10 min. from Marsa Alam airport. After all passengers have arrived, immigration procedures can begin. At the beginning and at the end of the safari, the distances to be covered are enormous. The boat sails at night and the day is devoted to diving. The first and last days, the dives are done in Egypt. Arrival in Port Sudan is scheduled for the morning of the 4th day. Immigration procedures take approx. 2 a.m. In Sudan the sites visited are, among others, the Umbria wreck, Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb reef, Angorosh reef and the Blue Belt wreck. On the way back, you will spend the last night in a hotel in Marsa Alam.

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Mitsio Archipelago

60 kilometers north of Nosy Be are the islands and rocky islets of Mitsio, home to small sandy beaches. These places are a paradise for seabirds such as frigates, terns, boobies and fish eagles. The extraordinary coral cover of Mitsio offers refuge to a great diversity of marine species. Dives around the sugar loaves or in the open sea offer an enchanting spectacle.

Radama Archipelago

More than 100 kilometers south of Nosy Be stand the Radama Islands, where four superb islands are inhabited only by small groups of fishermen. These islands offer impressive drop-offs covered with gorgonians where numerous pelagics live. The edges of these drop-offs as well as the coral plateaus shelter a rich variety of fish and corals.


Departure from Nosy Be for:

  • Tanikely – Russian Bay

  • Nosy Iranja

  • Baramahamay Bay

  • Kalakajoro

  • Antanimora

Dive sites:
  • Tanikely Marine Park

  • Sugar bread

  • Napoleon

  • Greg’s wall

  • Cyclone Bench

  • Nursery

  • 3 rocks

  • Foodadi

Species encountered:

The waters are home to an impressive variety of species, such as dogtooth tuna, schools of barracuda, trevally, king mackerel, gray sharks, white tips, leopard sharks, turtles, and groupers. The drop-offs are full of magnificent gorgonians, while the coral plateaus present a diversity of soft and hard corals. The lucky ones can come across whale sharks and manta rays towards the end of the year.

Madagascar itinéraire
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