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Go diving in the Aquarium


Only diving professionals can reserve the pool online.

The benefits of divemasters and instructors
  1. Free hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  2. Access possible every day

  3. Train your students in water at 28-30°

  4. Coming by bike, bus, train or car without moving equipment

  5. New material, good quality, all sizes on site 

  6. Dive warm in all weathers

  7. Have a diving pool for yourself (3-4 people maximum)

  8. Make training profitable, more time in the water, less travel

  9. Non-divers can see the divers evolve through the large windows of the basin

  10. 3 free parking spaces in front of the swimming pool

  11. Access in the water for 2 hours (3 hours in the local Swissub)

  12. Access to the online pool schedule, by subscription

  13. Have the access code to Swissub 

SWISSUB from Siebenthal AG

Route des Chaffeises 18

CH-1092 Belmont


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