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GO Fins

GO Fins

CHF87.00 Regular Price
CHF50.00Sale Price

GO fins:

Travel, dive and start again.

These travel fins combine the ease of fit of an adjustable fin with the comfort and freedom of a full foot fin.

The GOs are lightweight yet virtually indestructible and are marvelously flexible and maneuverable in the water.

They're also designed to slip easily into IATA-compliant carry-on luggage, making them the ideal fins for divers and swimmers who like to travel the planet.


    There are no exchange refunds other than required by law.

    We are not a store and do not do this for profit.

    Our only goal is to keep Aquarium equipment in good condition.

    This must be a win win operation


    The material must be tested on site. 

    We order the new vest and you leave with your used gilet .

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